Why are some retail chains not hyperlinked?
If the website does not have a page for their Sheffield branch we have not linked to it.

Why have you not linked to a retail chain who have a Sheffield branch?
If the website has the address that we have already included but not additional information such as opening hours we have not linked to it.

In the Music section (Sheffield City Centre, Culture), why are some venues linked but others are not?
If the website lists upcoming gigs we have linked to it. If there is no information, we have not linked to the website.

In the Information section, you haven’t added…
Please complete the contact form and we will be happy to amend any omissions.

On the University of Sheffield/Hospitals page why have you only included B&Bs that have websites?
If we included B&Bs we have come across without a website, we would have to contact them every 3 months to check that they are still in operation. As Sheffield Informer is a voluntary-run project and having a web presence can be done easily and for free, we have decided not to do this.

How up to date are the opening hours for i.e. post offices?
We aim to check them every 3 months.

Are you unbiased?
For the 'Information' sections, yes we are unbiased as we are just providing information. For the 'Recommendations' sections, no we are not unbiased. As we are highlighting our preferences, we are as biased as other personal opinion and guides.

Are you publicly funded?
We are a self-funded project.

What is your relationship with Sheffield Art Map, VidiVeni and Vintage, Vinyl and Design?
We created all of them.

I cannot open the website link on the Sheffield Art Map, VidiVeni and Vintage,Vinyl and Design map(s)
If you are using Internet Explorer, you should be able to open PDF hyperlinks automatically.

If you are using Firefox you may need to change from Firefox's internal PDF default reader to your own choice.
Open Firefox > go to Options > click Applications tab > find Portable Document Format (PDF) and click on it > in the Action drop-down menu select your preferred PDF reader.

If you are using Chrome, you will need to disable the default Chrome PDF reader. Open Chrome > enter "chrome:plugins" in the address bar > find "Chrome PDF Viewer" > click the Disable link.